Saturday, July 4, 2009

Decorative Bird Cage

decorative bird cage for saleDecorative bird cage with Victorian details for pet birds. With many fond memories, the architecturally accurate design was given as a sweet sixteen gift by an adorning father for his young daughter. It served as a home for the owner's several pet birds which enjoyed a spoiled existence till their old age.

Relatively large in size, the all wood construction is an impressive example of traditional art. The meticulously fashioned wood structure measures 32 inches tall (without stand) and 46 inches x 32 inches rectangular in shape. With the stand (included), the hand-made bird cage stands 62 inches tall.

Details are accurately scaled to what represents a colonial styled home. All doors are functional and in original condition. There are three perches which can accommodate several medium to small birds. Like most commercially sold bird cages, the bottom is designed to be lined with paper for easy cleanup.

The word surfaces have been well maintained with the original finish that has been pampered since it was pain painstakingly applied by the master wood working craftsman in 1980. It took several months to complete in the artist's wood shop in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Asking $750.00 for this one-of-a-kind hand crafted bird cage. Packaging and shipping can be provided to a reasonable fee.

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  1. Many birds happy by climbing on the Bird cage with stand. with this bird reamin healthy. you want to imitate a tree with offshoots where birds can play on and climb, you should have that free standing perch, called a . Often it is difficult for the birds to stretch their wings to full span, to exercise and play.